Teachers in Industry: About Us

Teachers in Industry has been operating since 2009!


Since that time we have accumulated data demonstrating our high retention rate within the teaching profession. In addition our teachers show substantial overall improvements in classroom practice, moving from traditional teacher centered approaches towards reformed teaching - which can help students build proficiency not only in content but also in practical skills such as problem solving and collaboration in real-life applications. To facilitate this kind of teaching and learning, Teachers in Industry integrates paid industry experience each summer in local businesses around Arizona with focused professional development activities. Teachers in Industry courses are based on the STEM disciplines as well as teacher education & training. Teachers in Industry focuses on guiding teachers to effectively bring their real-world experiences back into classrooms, while building in-depth and practical knowledge of the workplace. Our program is also consistent with ISTE, the Next Generation Science Standards and the Mathematics Core Curriculum.


1501 East Speedway Blvd.

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