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Teachers in Industry: Intro

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Teachers in Industry is the innovative business-education partnership that places experienced classroom teachers in your workforce during the summer. Businesses gain from the professionalism and expertise of a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) teacher. Teachers take their real-world industry experience back into the classroom to more effectively prepare students to enter the future workforce.  Teachers in Industry is the best long term investment in the development of future scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians essential to the 21st century workforce.

Business partners report value in participating in the program both in terms of contributing to the education system and gaining well qualified summer employees. Industry supervisors are enthusiastic about the high quality of work provided by our teachers during their summer business employment, and that teachers quickly become valuable members of their teams and successfully complete their assigned projects. Supervisors tell us they personally realize the value of participating in Teachers in Industry as an industry partner and that the project deliverables completed by the teachers have real value for the companies.