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Teachers in Industry offers two options to learn 21st century skills: a summer professional development program and our singularly unique master’s degree option. We are now a statewide program with opportunities for teachers around Arizona to fully participate - including teachers in rural areas!


We provide professional development, internships, and networking both to increase teacher retention and to improve STEM teaching and learning. Teachers in Industry achieves its goals by offering teachers a combination of summer paid industry work experiences in Arizona businesses and industries combined with intensive coursework that leads either to a Masters Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits, depending on your needs. In addition to the summer classes, teachers in the masters degree option also take one course in their content area each semester, leading to increased content knowledge and application in your teaching.

Option 1: Apply to the Teachers in Industry Master’s Degree Option

Applications are now open for Summer 2018. "In-person" courses are held simultaneously and connected via ITV in Tucson and distance classrooms, and teachers in rural areas access our courses real-time and interactively via distance learning technologies - we bring Teachers in Industry to you. The Master's Degree Option gives preference to early- and mid- career teachers (10 yrs or less) but considers teachers with more years in service on a case-by-case basis.

  • You will earn a Master's of Arts (MA) in Teaching and Teacher Education within 3 years.
  • Teachers in Industry provides an opportunity for classroom math and science teachers to become involved in a unique program which includes paid summer industry work experiences along with an academic program designed to culminate in a master's degree through the University of Arizona's College of Education in the program of Teaching and Teacher Education.

Option 2: Apply to the Teachers in Industry Summer Professional Development Program

  • You will earn 3 units of graduate credit (45 hours for recertification).
  • You will work during your summer school break, typically 7-8 weeks,  as well as engage in professional development workshops before, during, and shortly after the summer work period.
  • Although this is a one-summer industry work experiences program, you may return for up to three consecutive summers. You may apply to Teachers in Industry after the first year if you meet the basic qualifications.

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