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Teachers in Industry: FAQ's

Commonly asked questions regarding Teachers in Industry

What is Teachers in Industry?

Who participates in the program?

Who created it?

Who leads it?

What organizations sponsor it?

How do the sponsors benefit?

How do the students benefit?

How does the Arizona school system benefit?

How do the teachers benefit?

What else motivates teachers to join?

How else is the program funded?

How do the program costs break down?

Are some schools in Arizona more involved than others?

What is the selection process for industry partners?

What kind of industry partners participate?

How many people participate each year?

What is the selection process for teachers?

What is the average level of engagement of a teacher?

What is a typical teacher participant like?

How many people have graduated to date?

What exactly would graduation entail?

What do teachers do after graduating from the program?

Are there other programs in Arizona or elsewhere that resemble Teachers in Industry?