Teachers in Industry: Intro for District and School Partners

Teachers in Industry benefits teachers, students, and their schools.  We are a model program for increasing teacher retention: our retention rate is over 90% for the 7 years of this program's existence. Our goals are to increase teacher retention and equip teachers with experiences to prepare their students for the 21st century workforce.


We offer two options for middle- and high-school STEM and CTE teachers: a Master's degree in STEM Education, or professional development.


Teacher Benefits

  • Real-world STEM experience
  • Earn a MA in STEM Education or get in-depth professional development
  • Cohort model builds relationships


Student Benefits

  • Students engage in more 21st century skills
  • Students know more about STEM careers
  • Students learn “real-world” STEM


School Benefits

  • Retention & development of STEM teachers
  • Teachers are more dynamic and fulfilled
  • Teachers become more reflective


How to Partner with Us

  • Select your high-needs schools
  • Identify promising teachers to retain and develop
  • Recommend teachers directly to us
  • Support teachers to participate in our program options
  • Utilize Teachers in Industry to aide in your recruitment and hiring



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Teachers in Industry






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