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Better prepare your students for future STEM careers as you experience new ways of thinking about teaching.


Benefits for teachers are both:


Short term: You are a professional summer employee using your STEM skills and knowledge in a business environment


Long term: Transform your teaching, producing STEM-excited students!


Highly skilled and creative STEM teachers are an asset to schools and districts across the state and to the businesses they work for in the summers. Our teachers are becoming teacher-leaders and mentors in their schools and some are gaining local and even national recognition.




Teachers in Industry offers two options to learn 21st century skills: a summer professional development program and our singularly unique master’s option. And, we want you to know we are now statewide with opportunities for teachers around the state to fully participate - including teachers in rural areas! We provide real-world industry experience, professional development, and networking both to increase teacher retention and to improve STEM teaching and learning.




Teachers in Industry achieves its goals by offering teachers a combination of summer work experiences in Arizona businesses and industries combined with intensive coursework that leads either to a Masters Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits, depending on your needs. In addition to the summer classes, teachers in the masters degree option also take one course in their content area each semester, leading to increased content knowledge.


Contact our Director of Teacher Development to learn more about how Arizona Schools, Districts and individual teachers can be part of this dynamic program.


Javier Lopez / javoc@email.arizona.edu / 520-621-5682


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