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Teachers in Industry: How it Works


  • Businesses identify a 7-9 week work assignment that provides meaningful experience in a teacher’s area of expertise.

  • Teachers apply to Teachers in Industry, which also facilitates the interview and selection process with businesses.

  • Teachers work full-time four days a week during the summer. Fridays are reserved for UA coursework leading to either a master’s degree or professional development credit.

  • Businesses pay teachers an industry-level wage, ranging from $5,000 to $12,000 for the 7-9 week period.

  • The Teachers in Industry program staff provide support for teachers and businesses during the duration of the assignment


  • Teachers gain valuable industry experience that directly impacts teaching and learning opportunities in Arizona classrooms.

  • Businesses gain experienced summer employees who make meaningful contributions in their workplace.

  • Students learn about your business and are better prepared to meet your STEM workforce needs.


Contact our Director of Business Development to learn more about how your company can partner with this dynamic program.

Martha Ostheimer / /  520-621-5353