Instructions for Master's Degree Option

Applications are encouraged and accepted on a year-round basis for the following summer.

  • Please read and become familar with graduate college policies at  You can see the links on the left to open the individual policies.  You will need to familiarize yourself with these policies, as you are expected to know and abide by them. 

  •  Fill out our secure online application and click the "submit" button at the end of the page.

  • Obtain OFFICIAL Transcripts from all previous institutions and have them sent to the address below.

  • Complete a respose to this "short answer" prompt as a Word document or PDF, name it "LASTNAME FIRSTNAME Short Answer", and email as an attachment to To be considered an adequate response, we would expect this to be approximately 500 words in length

Please describe your short and long term goals and how this program can help you meet them. Describe why you are interested in this "real-world" program – what do you hope to gain, what characteristics do you have that will help you succeed in this program. Send this to

  • Identify two references have them prepare letters of recommendation and send to the address below or email to

  • Obtain vaccination records -  you will need these for online graduate college application - find information at Do not send them at this time.

  • Obtain documentation for state residency you will need this for online graduate college application find more information at

  • Obtain and send school calendar along for the current and upcoming year - email to

  • We wil review your application and contact you for your next steps, which barring any disqualifying factors, will be as follows:

    • You will need to create a business resume (see link to the left) and bring a paper copy to the orientation.

    • You will be required to attend a two-hour orientation session TBD.  If you live in a rural area we will provide a link for internet access to the sessions

    • You will need to begin (but not submit) your application through the graduate college at - click “Apply Now” to begin the application, then just follow directions. Do not submit your application at this time.

    • Your resume will be sent to 1 or more companies looking for candidate with your particular qualifications

    • Companies will contact you directly for an interview and potentially extend a hiring offer

    • The company will notify us of their offer. At this time we will direct you to complete the grad college application at and pay the application fee (for a degree program) which is $85 (subject to change).

      • At this time you will also need to submit residency and immunization documents

    • We will then be in contact with you regarding summer courses and other program policies.