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Teachers in Industry: Details

Teachers in Industry offers two options to learn 21st century skills: a summer professional development program and our singularly unique master’s degree option. We are now a statewide program with opportunities for teachers around Arizona to fully participate - including teachers in rural areas!

We provide professional development, internships, and networking both to increase teacher retention and to improve STEM teaching and learning. Teachers in Industry achieves its goals by offering teachers a combination of summer paid industry work experiences in Arizona businesses and industries combined with intensive coursework that leads either to a Masters Degree in Teaching and Teacher Education or professional development credits, depending on your needs. In addition to the summer classes, teachers in the masters degree option also take one course in their content area each semester, leading to increased content knowledge and application in your teaching.

Teachers in Industry offers two options for you to learn 21st century skills ‘on the job’ in paid summer industry work experiences* while engaging coursework focuses you as you connect your business experience with classroom practice. You will typically work four days a week, leaving the 5th day open for classes/professional development. Your employment opportunities will involve you in real work in Science/ Technology/Engineering/Mathematics. Both options offer the same core features:

  • WORK for local businesses/industries in paid summer industry work experiences.

  • EARN professional rates, including benefits where needed

  • LEARN how to translate your summer work experiences to improving student learning in your own classroom!

  • BECOME part of a community of learners

To be considered for Teachers in Industry  you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • B.A. or B.S. degree from an accredited four-year institution. You may also have a graduate degree.

  • Be currently teaching a STEM discipline in grades 6-12

  • 3.0 GPA – calculated by use of the undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least a 3.00 (at least 60 semester units at graduating institution) or, if undergraduate GPA is less than a 3.00, the GPA will be calculated on the most recently completed 60 transfer units. No professional program credits will be counted (law, medicine, etc.).

  • A business-oriented resume. We provide guidance for this in the application information page.

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • An essay

  • Official transcripts from each institution you have attended only if you are applying to the MA program - not required for PD application but please send unofficial directly to me.

  • Applicants need not have taken the GRE exam.  Upon provisional admission to the program, you will be required to complete the UA Graduate College Application, including a $75 fee ($35 for PD option)

 * Summer pay ranges from 5K - 8K based on 32 hours per week for 8 weeks. Teachers become temporary employees of the company they work for.  Our goal is that between our grant funding and your summer salary, you will be able to earn your MA without taking from your teaching salary.

Option 1: Apply to the Teachers in Industry Master’s Degree Option.

Applications are now open for Summer 2018. "In-person" courses are held simultaneously and connected via ITV in Tucson and distance classrooms, and teachers in rural areas access our courses real-time and interactively via distance learning technologies - we bring Teachers in Industry to you. The Master's Degree Option gives preference to early- and mid- career teachers (10 yrs or less) but considers teachers with more years in service on a case-by-case basis.

  • You will earn a Master's of Arts (MA) in Teaching and Teacher Education within 3 years.

  • Teachers in Industry provides an opportunity for classroom math and science teachers to become involved in a unique program which includes paid summer industry work experiences along with an academic program designed to culminate in a master's degree through the University of Arizona's College of Education in the program of Teaching and Teacher Education.

  • Teachers work with scientists/mathematicians/engineers/computer programmers at area industries for 4 days per week during the summers and take education courses during three consecutive summers on Fridays.

  • Participating teachers are simultaneously enrolled in a specially designed cohort of the UA College of Education’s Master of Arts degree program in science and math education. Teachers in Industry courses are tailored to connect math and science content, real work in business and industry, and classroom teaching and student learning.

  • Teachers in this program have a concentration in math, science, technology or engineering. Content courses in either math or science, which include courses offered in the College of Science at UA as well as online courses, are to be taken one per semester during the regular school year

  • Upon completion of the program, you will earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Teacher Education Degree with a focus in your content area.

  • Please note that this is an extremely intensive program. Much of your coursework will reflect application of your internship learning, and there is an academic as well as practical component to the work you will be required to complete. 

Option 2: Apply to the Teachers in Industry Summer Professional Development Program. 

  • You will earn 3 units of graduate credit (45 hours for recertification).

  • You will work during your summer school break, typically 7-8 weeks,  as well as engage in professional development workshops before, during, and shortly after the summer work period.

  • Although this is a one-summer industry work experiences program, you may return for up to three consecutive summers. You may apply to Teachers in Industry after the first year if you meet the basic qualifications. 

  • The PD course is held "In-person" via computer connection between our on-locatin classrooms, and teachers in rural areas access our courses real-time and interactively via distance learning technologies. 

Financial Assistance: Because of our grants, we are currently able to cover 50% of the tuition for those accepted into Teachers in Industry Master's Option.  You will be responsible for 50% of the tuition plus any fees charged by the University of Arizona. We anticipate this funding will continue in the future but we cannot guarantee this continuation. You can find latest tuition and fees on the Bursar's Office website,  At this time we are unable to extend the tuition remission to teachers in the PD program.

Courses and Timeline: The masters degree option of Teachers in Industry is a three-year cohort program, which means that all admitted students begin the program together, take TTE coursework together and finish as a group. It is part-time, with two classes each summer and one per semester during the school year. This option is available statewide. The professional development option of Teachers in Industry is a single-summer program. You can, however, repeat the PD program for up to 3 summers.

Application and Selection Process: Application for the summer cohorts are always available online.

  • We begin reviewing applications in mid January but later submissions may be considered as space allows.  

  • Completed MA applications will be reviewed by an admission team from the College of Education.  

  • All applicants who pass the initial review must attend a mandatory interview/orientation session held in-person or online later in the spring.

  • Interviews will be the final factor in the pre-selection process.

  • Your selection is not finalized until you are offered and accept a summer work position.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.