There are five main goals of Teachers in Industry:

1.  Place teachers in real-world industry experiences

Teachers experience STEM content and practices in the business context and businesses benefit from the skills and knowledge of teachers.  These classroom-business partnerships will positively impact STEM teaching and learning and lead to an increased number of high school graduates who can successfully enroll in STEM majors and be better prepared for STEM careers.

2.  Retain high-quality STEM teachers in the classroom

Provide teachers with well-paid summer work in STEM businesses and industries, opportunities to be part of a community of teachers working to bring real-world STEM experiences into their classrooms, and meaningful, targeted professional development.

3.  Positively change students’ awareness of STEM

Make students more aware of and prepared for STEM careers by helping their teachers to understand the use of STEM in business and industry and to bring that understanding back to their classrooms.

4.  Increase the use of industry practices and skills

Work with teachers to transfer the industry skills they experience (collaboration, problem solving, the use of real-world problems) to their teaching practice.

5.  Support teachers and schools

Foster innovative classroom practices that meet new national standards in mathematics and science (Common Core Mathematics Standards and Next Generation Science Standards) along with ISTE standards for technology.